Contact Centers: Stop Putting Customers on Hold. Adding Callback has Never Been Easier, With VHT Cloud

PRESS RELEASE: Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) continues to extend callback for all sizes of contact centers with VHT Cloud™ (formerly Callback Cloud for Business). A callback solution, VHT Cloud™ helps brands improve the customer service or support journey by eliminating hold time in contact centers and offering customers a return call. It also empowers agents with relevant customer information by providing contextual data before a connection is made.

Because VHT Cloud is a simple SaaS solution, it enables rapid deployment across businesses regardless of telephony and/or contact center infrastructure. There is no need to purchase, install and maintain software, creating a very cost-effective solution.

Callers given the choice of a callback have better experiences, more favorable views of agents, and are more likely to be brand promoters, sharing their positive experience with others.

“This single strategic investment can increase brand loyalty more than any other change. Consumers love knowing they come first, but brands assume that improving the customer experience will be too expensive or complex,” said Wes Hayden, CEO of Virtual Hold Technology. “Cloud-based callback makes callback available for every brand, without the high cost or lengthy deployment.”

VHT Cloud’s open API allows developers to easily deploy integrated, intelligent callback options within Web or mobile applications, extending the value of callback to customers using multiple channels.

By simplifying cloud-to-cloud integration, VHT Cloud allows brands using multiple, cloud-based solutions to connect disparate platforms.

VHT’s lightweight integration approach allows companies dealing with inbound spikes to implement callback only as needed. With simple, subscription-based pricing, businesses pay only when callback is in use – easing the pain of seasonal demands.