Mattersight Issued New Patent for Personality-Based Call Routing

PRESS RELEASE: Pairing customers with the right call center agents has been a centerpiece feature of Mattersight Corporation’s solution suite for years. A recently-issued patent further refines that pairing process, and affirms the behavioral analytics SaaS pioneer’s position as a leader and innovator in designing technologies that drive improved customer experiences and business outcomes.

Contact Centre CLUB

System for Automatically Routing a Communication supports Mattersight’s award-winning personality-based routing application, which is currently being used by Fortune 50 companies in a variety of industries and has, to date, measurably improved tens of millions of customer conversations.

The invention covered by the new patent enables Mattersight’s analytics engine to blend the company’s exclusive personality data with a host of other known information, including demographic data and prior call behavior.

The result is a rich and nuanced customer portrait that allows Mattersight’s technology to make a more informed, precise decision regarding which available agent will handle each customer’s needs in the most efficient, effective and mutually-satisfying way.

COO David Gustafson, one of the solution’s inventors, said this ability represents a significant competitive differentiator for Mattersight, as well as a win for both companies and customers.

“Personality has proven to be an excellent predictor of optimal customer/agent pairings. But in any relationship, the more you know about the other person, the better able you are to give them what they want and need.” Gustafson said this invention gives businesses a way to provide their customers with an exceptionally personalized and positive service experience. “No other routing product on the market leverages this degree of customer insight. It’s a game-changer.”

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