New Client Services Director at GI Insight aims to achieve more growth for clients

GI Insight has confirmed the appointment of Alison Wright – former Head of Tesco Club Card CRM – as Client Services Director. This new appointment comes at an exciting time when the firm is making significant movements by integrating real-time data with other offline and online information.

Alison has been brought in to extend client relationships with both existing and future clients by ensuring that GI Insight continue to provide the highest standard of insight and innovation across all products and services. Alison will continue to develop and expand the marketing side of the business, turning data and insights into commercial opportunities and into continued growth for the business’ clients.

With a very strong background working in management and senior roles in customer loyalty, Alison has significant expertise leading customer engagement and marketing strategy projects. Having worked at a range of companies including Tesco Stores Ltd and Loyalty 1st Ltd., Alison has extensive experience in delivering holistic customer engagement strategies and delving into customer insight and data to generate change.

Alison’s appointment as Client Services Director comes at a time when GI Insight is enhancing its omni-channel customer insight capability by integrating real-time digital analytics into its range of services. The ability of live tracking and analysis of customers’ online interactions enables GI Insight to reinforce the offline SCV database to continue to build loyalty and react to customers more effectively.

GI Insight’s innovative and forward thinking framework was a major draw to Alison, she notes: “I have worked with GI Solutions Group for a number of years whilst managing Tesco Clubcard CRM and customer offer programs. I welcomed the opportunity to be part of the leadership growing the Insight side of the business.”