Stefanini Launches Artificial Intelligence Platform Sophie in the United States

PRESS RELEASE: Stefanini announced that the company is launching Sophie, its artificial intelligence platform with the ability to turn data into valuable solutions. Aware of the latest trends, Stefanini has invested and developed this platform over the last 3 years as a Research & Development and pilot project for clients in Brazil, and now, the company is launching the platform in the United States.

“We are very proud to introduce Sophie for our clients in North America, reinforcing Stefanini’s commitment to connect people and technology innovations with a goal to create business value,” said Antonio Moreira, Stefanini CEO, North America and Asia Pacific. “Our artificial intelligence platform can improve the end-user experience and deliver smarter and more efficient services,” affirmed Mr. Moreira.

Technology research firm Gartner forecasts that by 2017, autonomics-based managed services and cognitive platforms will fuel a significant reduction in the cost of IT services by automating repetitive tasks currently tackled by humans. Data-based and analytical information can be turned into natural language using these emerging tools. Gartner’s analysts have envisioned the digital future and predicted that, by 2018, 20 percent of business content will be authored by machines.

“We are seeing accelerating demand in the industry for smart cognitive autonomic solutions, and Stefanini’s continuing investment and development of Sophie is a clear signal of this trend,” added Mr. Moreira.

Fully developed within Stefanini’s Research and Development labs, Sophie is a virtual digital agent with larger and more integrated cognitive autonomic ability to automate a broad range of business and IT Services. Sophie is able to automate knowledge work without any human intervention, understand natural language, and generate and evaluate hypotheses that can turn data into solutions, working 24/7/365.

Sophie can be delivered in the cloud or on premise and interact with various channels including social networks, web, mobile, Microsoft Lync, and other platforms. Stefanini will continue to invest in the development of new capabilities for Sophie and increase more functionalities in the near future.

“Clients and companies are now embracing the advancement of technologies to drive changes. Stefanini is positioned to be the best partner to implement these changes. Sophie is part of our investment to bring value, innovate, and improve our clients’ business,” affirmed Mr. Moreira.