Genpact Helps Companies Use Artificial Intelligence to Automate Processes and Anticipate Customer Needs

PRESS RELEASE: Genpact launched its Neural Intelligence Platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence technologies, and brings middle and back office processing to the same level of digital automation as the front office to drive seamless customer journeys.

Using a cognitive system powered by natural language processing, machine and deep learning techniques, the platform provides a versatile artificial intelligence-based capability that digitizes many business process solutions, including omni-channel management, contact center, account payable query management, and financial and accounting automation. The platform automates and improves processes, continually learns, and even can help anticipate customers’ needs.

Enterprises struggle to effectively integrate digital technologies into business processes that cut across the company to deliver the right customer experience. Analytics also must drive more upstream decisions around product design, customer sentiment, and distribution chain visibility. Enterprises need digital technology that improves operational efficiency using deep analytics to transform their businesses. Unfortunately, today many companies struggle to embed available technology solutions effectively into their complex processes in a way that truly impacts business outcomes. Customer interaction is often ineffective and inefficient. For instance, while chat is one of the fastest growing channels, to optimize it, companies need solutions that decrease problem resolution times from minutes to seconds; reduce escalations; predict and answer next questions to avoid follow up inquiries; and drive consistency and compliance in processes.

Genpact’s Neural Intelligence Platform delivers all these tangible benefits across multiple applications through an unprecedented combination of digital technologies, re-imagined processes, and large data sets to train artificial intelligence algorithms. The platform is the result of more than a decade of research and development in high performance business processing practices, recently crystallized into digital solutions through an aggressive build out of advanced technologies including robotic process automation, natural language processing, and machine learning. The platform also leverages Genpact’s unique Lean DigitalSM approach that harnesses the combined power of process-centric technologies, design thinking, and deep domain expertise.

Genpact’s advantage in the marketplace is its ability to work on a broad set of business transaction processing data across nine industries, with the learning and depth of domain that comes only from extensive experience as an operator of “eyes on screen, fingers on keyboard” business processing. Genpact’s Neural Intelligence Platform is the first in the industry to translate this accumulated knowledge and learning into a machine intelligence approach.

The platform is built in three layers: a data engagement platform that can easily access and manage multiple structured and unstructured data sources, an “intent assessment and reasoning” engine that includes sentiment and predictive analytics, and a deep machine learning capability that can sense, act, and learn over time.

“The end game for CEOs is standardized, platform-based process delivery and machine intelligence built into business processing” said Sanjay Srivastava, senior vice president and chief digital officer, Genpact. “At Genpact, we work with one of the world’s largest learning data sets for business operations processing, and this translates into meaningfully advanced artificial technologies that we can predictably deliver.”

The Neural Intelligence Platform is easier to deploy than most solutions on the market. It is the most recent addition to Genpact’s Systems of EngagementTM portfolio, which is part of a set of approximately 50 Lean Digital solution “assets.” Systems of Engagement – cloud-delivered, web-scale, advanced technologies that overlay clients’ existing systems of records – transform business operations and provide quick, easy implementation and scalability without heavy capital or data center investment.