OwnerListens Creates SMS Business Messaging App with Zang

PRESS RELEASE: Zang, the industry’s first all-in-one cloud communications platform and applications-as-a-service, today announced that OwnerListens relies on the Zang platform for its customer-service interface apps and messaging service.

The OwnerListens service enables customers to text businesses who can then respond quickly and conveniently. The OwnerListens engine analyzes all incoming messages and routes them to the right person, place, system, or chatbot, for an answer, which can be given via SMS, email or dashboard.

With more than 11,000 online and offline customers, OwnerListens helps businesses resolve customer issues via text messaging before they churn, turn to competitors, or sometimes worse– post negative reviews to social media sites. With an industry stat of more than 95% of text messages read within the first three minutes of being received, OwnerListens messages are handled quickly and privately using the company’s Zang-built mobile SMS-enabled service.

“When creating the OwnerListens application, we had very specific requirements that would foster a simple and quick loop between customers and businesses,” said Eli Lipstein, head of product at OwnerListens. “We spent a great deal of time creating this ourselves, but when we came across Zang and saw how we could build exactly what we wanted within a communications platform as a service model, it became a game changer for us.”

Smart apps built on Zang allow people to define how they want to work and connect. Zang enables easy “click-to-connect” communications with high quality video, chat, voice, SMS and document sharing from mobile, web or desktop environments. Unlike other solutions today that offer rudimentary APIs, Zang’s highly interoperable platform provides complete workflow automation and sophisticated application development capabilities.