HireIQ Introduces Next-Generation WFO 2.0 for Customer Service Organizations.

PRESS RELEASE: HireIQ Solutions announced that it has introduced the next-generation of customer engagement center workforce optimization – WFO 2.0. The company’s approach more completely and effectively incorporates the human capital component of the current workforce optimization technology and process model through the use of specialized customer engagement assessment solutions.

The company’s offerings extend the value of long-standing workforce optimization processes by expressly addressing the need to attract, select, and retain skilled and talented employees for these organizations. Many customer engagement companies struggle with employee attrition and low customer satisfaction and the company’s WFO 2.0 approach has proven to reduce attrition and improve overall performance by identifying job candidates who are more likely to achieve the company’s goals before they are hired.

HireIQ delivers on the promise of WFO 2.0 through its patent-pending predictive performance analytics solutions that use individual company’s success criteria in order to inform the applicant selection decision. Clients using WFO 2.0 as a part of their hiring process cite significant increase in the size and quality of the candidate hiring pool; compelling reduction in costly and disruptive attrition; improvement in performance against key performance metrics; and lowered recruiting costs.

“Long missing from the workforce optimization equation has been a well-integrated process to select employees who possess the communication, critical thinking, and technical skills necessary to deliver an exceptional customer experience,” remarked Kevin Hegebarth, HireIQ’s vice president of Marketing. “HireIQ’s WFO 2.0 approach effectively elevates old-school WFO technologies and processes by quickly and easily identifying employees who can most effectively perform against the company’s key performance objectives.”