VIPdesk Connect to Provide Premium Customer Service for RLJ Entertainment

PRESS RELEASE: VIPdesk Connect has been selected by RLJ Entertainment to provide high-touch customer service to the rapidly growing subscriber bases of the company’s proprietary digital channels, Acorn TV and Urban Movie Channel (UMC).Available at Acorn.TV and on many devices/platforms, Emmy®-nominated Acorn TV is the popular on-demand, ad-free, streaming service focused on world-class television from Britain and beyond including many of the most popular British mysteries, dramas and comedies.

Contact Centre CLUB

Available at, UMC is the first urban-focused streaming service in North America showcasing quality and exclusive content designed for African American and urban audiences. VIPdesk Connect, the innovator of premium customer care solutions, will work with Acorn TV and UMC’s customers to assist with questions regarding their subscription, content distribution, site navigation and any other potential customer service topics.

While both Acorn TV and UMC provide easy-to-use, turnkey streaming service, the company chose VIPdesk Connect as a strong and experienced partner to maximize customer satisfaction and retention due its reputation for providing superior customer service.

Fred Kleiman, Head of Customer and Client Service from RLJ Entertainment said, “As each of these respective subscriber bases are rapidly growing, we want to ensure our subscribers receive the very best in customer service and, with its reputation, we know VIPdesk will be an ideal partner for us.”

“VIPdesk is excited to support yet another major client in the SVOD industry. We are looking forward to working closely with the RLJ Entertainment team to help both Acorn TV’s and UMC’s customers enjoy these engaging new platforms with the highest possible satisfaction,” said Sally Hurley, CEO of VIPdesk Connect

VIPdesk Connect provides its extensive client portfolio with virtual contact center solutions tailored to each specific client situation. All Brand Ambassadors (customer service professionals) are carefully selected from a US-only labor pool and dedicated to each client program. In addition to national, targeted recruiting, other benefits of the virtual call center model include increased quality of interaction and customer service, improved peak/overflow management, unlimited scalability, low overhead and administrative costs, ease of expansion, and quick disaster recovery and business continuity in case of emergency.