Avaya Customer Engagement Solutions Improve Efficiency for Largest Utility in Republic of Tatarstan

PRESS RELEASE: Avaya announced the completion of a multi-year contact center modernization project for the largest state-owned utility in the Republic of Tatarstan. The project provides JSC Network Company Tatarstan with an efficient, multimedia customer service operation to serve nearly 3.7 million consumers in one of Russia’s most industrialized regions.

The JSC modernization project encompassed the full complement of the Avaya Customer Engagement Solutions portfolio, including services from design through implementation and staff training, providing the utility with the following benefits:

  • A single overarching infrastructure that is easier to manage and consolidates multiple platforms
  • The ability to proactively notify consumers with necessary information, allowing customers to use a range of options to contact the utility
  • Faster, better responses to customer requests through to improved call handling
  • More efficient, informed self-service channels
  • Increased staff mobility and optimized workforce management
  • Reduced expenses through more efficient call routing and simplifying communications costs through optimized routing
  • Reduced maintenance costs and time to resolution due to the simplicity and consistency of the management interface
  • More resilient contact center operation able to handle more customer inquiries

“This project allowed Avaya to apply their deep expertise in building effective corporate communication infrastructures. The Avaya architecture enabled a seamless integration of the new solutions with existing communications, providing JSC with a faster, high quality operation that will deliver a new level of customer service for the company.” – Oleg Manyahin, regional manager in the Urals Federal District Volga Federal District and Avaya

“Avaya Customer Engagement Solutions harmoniously fit into the business processes of our company. The well-organized project was coordinated by Avaya business partner, Sledge, meeting all technical requirements through extensive pre-research and solution design. In the future, we expect that Avaya solutions will be considered in the company branches to create a single telecommunications platform.” – Buravov Alexander, head of the supervisory control service of JSC Network Company