Callback for Everyone: Virtual Hold Technology Expands Market Reach With Acquisition of CALLPROMISE

PRESS RELEASE: Contact centers increasingly turn to the cloud for solutions that once required cumbersome technology investments. To fuel callback services that scale to any contact service investment, Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) has acquired CALLPROMISE, a multichannel, cloud-based, callback-platform provider.

The CALLPROMISE SaaS solution will become part of VHT Cloud, enabling rapid deployment of callback applications across channels in as little as a few days. VHT Cloud has removed the final barriers for companies looking to improve customer relationships.

“For years, large brands have enhanced their customer’s experience with callback,” said Wes Hayden, CEO of Virtual Hold Technology. “By combining VHT technology with CALLPROMISE, we’re truly making callback available to everyone no matter how many agents they have. There is no brand too large or small that cannot benefit from delivering a better service experience.”

With the VHT Cloud, businesses can deploy callback immediately without needing to purchase, install or maintain costly software. Organizations using the VHT Cloud platform simply route calls through the cloud engine where requests are queued and resources are allocated based on custom interaction rules.

“VHT is the clear market leader in callback solutions, so it made sense for us to leverage their cloud platform,” said Joe McLaughlin, vice president of operations and technology at AAA Western and Central New York. “The VHT Cloud solution was easy to implement, and our members have responded positively to the new callback offer.”

In the coming months, VHT will implement new features for companies of any size to further increase the power and value of callback.