Teleperformance Netherlands Named Best Performing Employer in Contact Center Sector

PRESS RELEASE: Teleperformance announced that its operations in the Netherlands was named ‘Best Performing Employer 2016’ in the contact center sector from the National Institute of Business Success Award (NBSA).

In collaboration with the local labor market, NBSA inspected employers in various sectors and judged them on the level of employee satisfaction, employee initiatives undertaken by the company and if the overall business model is successful as a result. Out of nine organizations in the contact center sector, Teleperformance Netherlands was selected on the basis of its differentiation to deliver excellent customer service while still maintaining high levels of trust and approval from its employees, evident by low staff turnover and absenteeism.

Teleperformance Netherlands uses an extremely focused recruitment policy by hiring employees based on traits that make a successful customer service agent: empathy, a positive attitude and good decision-making skills. Additionally, Teleperformance Netherlands offers special engagement programs to ensure the welfare of its employees, and according to the NBSA jury report, “respects an out-performer that is aware that employees represent enterprises’ real capital.”

Founded in 2011, NBSA is the largest success and research agency in the Netherlands. The institute annually reviews numerous companies year-round for qualities of properly performing employers that empower their employees to be successful and achieve professional growth.

“I am very proud of the hard work and passion our employees deliver on a daily basis and their commitment connecting services to the needs of our clients,” said Norbert van Liemt, Chief Executive Officer, Teleperformance Benelux, Surinam & Eastern Europe. “As a result of their dedication, Teleperformance Netherlands has established itself as the star in the contact center field.”

“The success of a business is determined by the success of its employees,” said Paulo César Salles Vasques, Worldwide Chief Executive Officer, Teleperformance Group. “At Teleperformance Group, we take our recruitment seriously to ensure that we are hiring the best, most motivated employees. This recognition from NBSA in the Netherlands demonstrates that the process by which Teleperformance uses to hire and train successful representatives for our clients is effective and enables us to excel throughout multiple geographies of the world.”