Compelling Pricing Model from Start-Up Giant’s New Technology Partner Set to Accelerate Already Phenomenal Growth

PRESS RELEASE: Businesses having to deal with peak influxes of customer contact will find the new partnership between Synthetix Ltd. and Trusource Labs LLC, uplifting. Although both companies are relatively new players in the US, this partnership is set on expanding their already phenomenal global growth. Austin start-up, Trusource Labs LLC, has grown to 550 employees in just three years with revenues set to reach between $32 million- $34 million this year.

Led by co-founder Alton Martin, this innovative contact center business specializes in empowering technology customers with connected tools to resolve their own tech issues. “Our model is constructed with built-in tools and technology so they don’t need us. If we never take another phone call and customers are happy we win. Customers don’t want to call to solve a problem. They want to solve it themselves,” Martin says.

The integration of Synthetix SaaS technology, with the superior tech support services and corporate help desk solutions from Trusource, is a natural match offering companies a radical departure from traditional customer support and pricing models.

Synthetix Ltd, an innovator in online multi-channel customer service software, believes ‘pay per visitor’ billing or session pricing is unfair. Its flat-rate price model is not based on how much the knowledge is accessed, but rather the amount of data within a client’s knowledge-base. So there are will never be another unwanted bill during a seasonal spike or unexpected increase in visitor levels.

Alastair Taylor, director at Synthetix says, “Why should companies be penalized during times of trouble? We look forward to seeing this technology-enabled customer engagement partnership deliver customer satisfaction and high Net Promoter Scores without the traditionally high volume-based bill attached to it.”