Latest Mattersight Patent Promises a More Personalized Customer Experience for Millions

PRESS RELEASE: Mattersight Corporation, has helped millions of consumers to have more effortless and more satisfying conversations with everyone from cable providers to insurance companies. Mattersight’s recently-issued 26th patent paves the way for even more personalized and meaningful customer experiences, by expanding the scope of sources from which the company can derive its insights.

Using the technology fueled by the new patent’s covered invention, brands can discern an individual’s personality style not only from transcripts of phone calls, but from any kind of publicly-available, language-based digital communication — including email, text messages, online reviews, social media posts and more.

This insight can be used by brands to better understand their customers’ needs, predict their behavior, and proactively adjust sales and service approaches in order to ensure a more positive interaction and satisfying outcome.

“People are expressing themselves in more ways and through more media than ever before, and at the same time, we’re seeing this hugely increased customer demand for more relevant, emotionally-fulfilling experiences,” said Mattersight Chief Technology Officer Chris Danson, one of the solution’s inventors. “Brands that can decipher the personality clues embedded in all of those expressions are going to understand their customers at a much deeper level and be able to deliver that highly personalized level of care and service, even in the most ordinary interactions.”

The groundbreaking technology covered by the patent stems from the earliest collaboration of Mattersight’s founders in 2005. That collaboration pioneered the application of linguistic-based personality analysis, variations of which are now deployed across a range of use cases. Danson says the new patent highlights Mattersight’s ownership of this technology, and underscores the magnitude of the breakthrough his company has made in the digital age. “Essentially, we’ve unlocked an entirely new world of customer insights for brands.”

This covered invention supports Mattersight’s entire suite of Behavioral Analytics applications, which are currently being used by Fortune 1000 companies in the healthcare, insurance, banking, telco and retail industries.