Sutherland’s Digital Healthcare Platform, SmartHealthConnect, Delivers Population Health Success to Atlanta’s Morehouse Choice ACO and Choice Health Care Network IPA

PRESS RELEASE: Sutherland Healthcare Solutions announced that its SmartHealthConnect™ digital health platform has successfully driven population health and quality improvement initiatives for Atlanta-based Morehouse Choice Accountable Care Organization and Education System and the Choice Health Care Network IPA.

As healthcare continues its shift from a fee-for-service to a value-based system, it is critical that payers, providers, population health entities, and accountable care organizations (ACO) have the ability to obtain a complete and actionable picture of their populations, especially their at-risk members. Sutherland’s SmartHealthConnect platform enables healthcare organizations to easily gain the necessary insights to successfully make the shift to a value-based system. This is accomplished through its robust integration adapters, analytical capabilities, comprehensive enterprise data warehouse, intelligent reports, and dashboards, allowing for faster, easier, and more accurate clinical decision-making.

“Our priority from the beginning has been to invest in technologies that enable us to quickly respond and adapt to both predictable and unpredictable healthcare policy changes, especially those impacting our patients’ experience and how our providers are paid,” Morehouse Choice Chief Executive Officer Michelle Brown said. “We have to converge information from various electronic medical record systems and other sources, and then make good data simple to use and understand. The advanced analytical features of SmartHealthConnect allows us to present data to diverse audiences in a way that makes sense. Partnering with Sutherland has enhanced our ability to foresee, lead, and catalyze the change needed to improve our population’s health.”

Dr. David Williams, the president of Choice Health Care Network (who is participating in the Morehouse Choice ACO) echoes Ms. Brown’s sentiments. Dr. Williams says, “in order for healthcare to truly deliver on the triple aim of reducing cost, improving quality, and increasing access, healthcare entities must look to digital platforms that leverage advanced analytics. Sutherland’s SmartHealthConnect is a unique solution that can deliver the information necessary to move to a value-based care model.”

“I am honored that our advanced technologies and services are making a measureable difference at Morehouse Choice ACO by enabling fact-driven decision making for their population health management initiatives,” Sutherland Healthcare Solutions Chief Executive Officer Dr. Graham Hughes said. “Sutherland believes that population health innovation is a long term journey that requires a partnership with strong shared vision, great technology, exceptional clinical and financial leadership, combined with pragmatic, outcome focused service delivery.”