Jacada Officially Trademarks “Change the Channel, Keep the Customer”

PRESS RELEASE: Jacada announced that the phrase “Change the Channel, Keep the Customer” is more than a catchphrase — it is a trademarked commitment to providing companies digital transformation tools in an omnichannel customer environment.

Today’s customers have multiple channels of communication by which they reach the companies that they do business with, and it is completely their choice as to which one to use. When companies don’t ensure that customer data is accessible in all channels, each customer contact is treated as a new request even when the customer recently contacted the company on a different channel. Jacada’s trademarked phrase “Change the Channel, Keep the Customer” speaks on how Jacada technology solutions are designed to solve this problem. Jacada’s Visual IVR, Omnichannel, and Interaction Platform solutions are all supportive of this trademarked phrase.

Visual IVR provides a personalized experience with real time customer information and is easily accessible by customers from any mobile device or website, with or without an app. Sought after by successful companies across multiple industries, Jacada Visual IVR provides consistency for customers switching between communication channels while simultaneously providing collaboration tools that reduce back office support requirements. Customers receive an omnichannel customer experience that is easily developed by business users using Jacada’s Interaction Designer which allows the business user to construct the customer journey and pick up customer interactions in context whenever a customer “Changes the Channel.”

“Our customers and potential customers understand that Jacada has grown far beyond just being a leader in desktop optimization,” says Guy Yair, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Jacada. “This trademarked phrase was established as Jacada developed winning technologies that allow companies around the world to maintain consistent and contextual communication with their customers across all of the digital channels that they traverse.”