Stratus Video and CafeX Collaborate to Give ER Patients Faster Access to Specialized Care

Stratus Video and CafeX Communications announced their collaboration on a new solution that provides a better, more efficient urgent care experience for patients by empowering emergency room staff to immediately reach on-call specialist physicians through virtual communication.

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Providing real-time communication in critical, time-sensitive emergency care situations, Stratus’s ER/Urgent Care Virtual Consult solution has the power to engage medical staff anywhere and on any device without specialists having to be at a stationary location. The video communication technology behind this solution is powered by CafeX Communications.

“If a burn victim rushing into an emergency room needs to immediately see a specialist when one isn’t available, the Stratus ER/Urgent Care Virtual Consult allows that patient to see a specialist face-to-face virtually and in real time,” said Lee Horner, president of Stratus Video’s telehealth division. “CafeX’s award-winning, innovative communications technology embedded in our application helps providers deliver patients the care they require at a moment’s notice.”

CafeX’s integration software within the Virtual Consult application connects mobile and web endpoints to traditional business phone systems, making it possible for ER staff to place calls to specialist physicians located anywhere and using any mobile device. To ensure a physician is always reachable during emergency situations, each call from ER staff within the Virtual Consult mobile app connects to an automatic call distributor, which then routes the call to the first available physician among a pool of experts. Once the physician is on the line with the ER, CafeX’s web real-time communications (WebRTC) technology further enhances the Virtual Consult application with:

  • Live face-to-face interaction
  • The latest security advancements
  • The latest audio and video advancements

“We’re proud that our collaboration with Stratus can help patients in urgent need of emergency care, particularly from specialists who may not be on site,” said Dale O’Connor, vice president of engineering at CafeX Communications. “We view this application as a prime example of how our technology can make a substantial contribution to improving health care delivery in today’s cost-competitive environment.”

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