Grupo SM Achieves More Efficient Customer Service with Altitude Software

PRESS RELEASE: Altitude Software is announcing that Grupo SM, one of the main publishing groups in Spain and Latin America, has implemented its Altitude Workflow solution, achieving better, more efficient customer service while better managing company resources.

Grupo SM is one of the main publishing groups in Spain and Latin America, with over 2000 employees and a direct presence in nine countries. Its books are sold in 60 countries, with revenues of over 300 million dollars. It pins its success in its experience, focus on innovation and ability to change, while always serving a cultural and educational mission.

Integration of internal processes across company departments ensures efficiency

The publisher has adopted the Altitude Workflow solution aiming to integrate customer contact channels, integrate the front and back office and achieve more efficiency in customer service and in managing existing resources. “SM Spain found in Altitude the partner to answer the need to improve the customer service processes in the contact center, integrate the customer contact channels with our customer management internal processes, achieving efficiency in the relation between the several departments involved in solving customers’ issues and requests” stated Miguel Ángel Barreiro, Contact Center Manager in Grupo SM.

Grupo SM identified the need to improve customer service and contact center efficiency, having three main goals: integrate customers’ communication channels (phone, mail and fax); have a solution to integrate front and back office, focused on process management; and achieve these goals efficiently in a context of high seasonality. The work model should allow flexibility in using the team resources, reducing the use of temporary employees and to have more and better metrics concerning service levels; productivity and quality performance.

Grupo SM manages business seasonality and increases agent productivity

Altitude Software provided Grupo SM with an Altitude Workflow solution that “sees” the back office as an environment for managing processes in which each interaction creates a ticket that defines all the steps to follow-up and answer the request generated by the customer interaction. The tickets and process activities use advanced features to ensure information is there to manage the whole customer service process.

According to Mr. Barreiro “the solution is enabling us to better manage a strong business seasonality, in real time, while improving agent productivity and the use of agents’ competences, recurring to automatic routing and prioritization tools.” The contact center agent can manage tasks within the process, with pick-up or push task management modes, while having a complete view of tasks and issues. Furthermore, this solution has also multiple advantages for the supervisor role, providing him an integrated view of an interactions’ status in the backoffice, including who has the issue at hand in each moment.

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