GoSquared Revolutionizes its Customer Service with Salesforce Desk.com

PRESS RELEASE: Salesforce announced that GoSquared has been recognized with the Nucleus Research 2016 Technology ROI Award, for transforming its customer service and achieving a 1,624% return on investment (ROI) in just three weeks using Salesforce Desk.com. GoSquared offers real-time user-level analytics for sites and applications, and by deploying Desk.com, the out-of-the-box helpdesk for small businesses, was able to increase customer service efficiency and employee productivity.

GoSquared is Delivering an Unparalleled Customer Experience with Desk.com

On a mission to help businesses build personal and meaningful relationships with customers, GoSquared needed a centralized multi-channel support system to manage inquiries that would empower all employees to help with customer service.

With Desk.com’s ease-of-use, cloud capabilities and flex pricing, GoSquared has realized cost savings and has achieved:

Increased Agent Productivity: Utilizing structured workflows and an integrated knowledge base to resolve customer cases, GoSquared has increased agent productivity, enabling the company to manage an increased caseload as it grows.

Improved Customer Self-Service: Leveraging the customer self-service portal empowers GoSquared to offer 24/7 access to a growing number of customers with self-service, reducing the need for additional staff.

Increased Customer Insights: Desk.com’s analytics enable management to pinpoint why customers are having problems and identify opportunities to improve its services and products.

“Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to create a great experience, and companies like GoSquared are focused on understanding their customers’ needs and providing the best customer service,” said Marie Rosecrans, VP of Customer Experience, Desk.com, Salesforce. “The GoSquared team has achieved tremendous ROI by deploying Desk.com, highlighting how even the fastest-growing businesses can use Desk.com to optimize their customer service experience.”

“As a growing business it is one of our top priorities to be able to scale the quality and awesomeness of our service,” said James Gill, Founder and CEO, GoSquared. “Desk.com has empowered all of our employees to pitch in and help customers, ensuring that everyone is committed to our customers’ success.”

Calculating the ROI

To determine the ROI, Nucleus Research quantified the initial and ongoing costs of software license subscription fees, personnel time to implement and support the application, employee training time, and ongoing administrative costs to calculate GoSquared’s total investment in Desk.com and determine the ROI.

Direct benefits quantified included the cost savings of avoided staff that were not needed because of the efficiencies driven by the application. Indirect benefits quantified included the time saved for existing staff by deflecting customer inquiries to the self-service portal, and were calculated based on the average fully loaded cost of a service staff person using a productivity correction factor to account for the inefficient transfer of time between time saved and additional time worked. Not quantified were the additional profits GoSquared will be able to achieve through improving the quality and scalability of its customer service.

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