Aria Announces Support for Genesys SIP Server and Routing Data Analytics in Visualizer

PRESS RELEASE: Aria Solutions announces a new release of Aria Visualizer 1.7, an analytics application that can now analyze Genesys SIP Server messaging and detailed block-by-block interaction flows to present a comprehensive view of all customer interaction data and resolve issues faster.

Prior to Visualizer, there was no way to see all your contact center activity in one place. Contact centers had to rely primarily on text analysis tools to examine event data, such as log files, to resolve day-to-day operational issues. However, deep dive analytics was still nearly impossible; and normal research remained a tedious task that often requires hours, or even days, due to text search limitations.

To speed up these processes and increase staff productivity, Aria designed Visualizer to query interaction event data, using Aria’s patented technology. This enabled teams to reduce the time required to resolve issues to a matter of minutes, as opposed to hours.

For a deeper dive, however, analyzing SIP messaging required a separate tool, and no tool has existed on the market to analyze step-by-step routing logic.

“It is a major product enhancement that has been highly requested by many of our customers,” says Ron Owens, Sr. VP of Products at Aria Solutions. “With Visualizer’s 1.7 version, we were able to deliver these capabilities and make Visualizer a centralized application for all contact center analysis and troubleshooting.”

Visualizer 1.7 now provides an intuitive and interactive interface that presents step-by-step routing and drills down without the tedious task of parsing through text log files. The detailed input and outputs from each of these steps is captured for an increased level of analysis when considering routing logic. In regards to SIP server messaging, it presents the standard SIP ladder diagram for every SIP based interaction tracked without any impact to Quality of Service (QoS).

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