Foehn wins G-Cloud 8 approval to make it four in a row

Foehn announced they are now approved by the Crown Commercial Services as a supplier in the category of ‘Software as a Service’ on the G-Cloud 8 procurement framework, part of the Government’s Digital Marketplace. This is Foehn’s fourth G-Cloud accreditation in succession, spanning a period of four years when the company has been successful in winning significant contracts from local authorities and central government bodies acquiring Foehn’s services through G-Cloud.

Over the same period, G-Cloud has grown in popularity, now generating sales of more than £1 billion from a growing number of buyers and sellers – see our recent blog G-Cloud works: that’s official

Rafael Cortes, Head of Marketing for Foehn, commented: “G-Cloud is of strategic importance to delivery of our services into the public sector, so approval of our participation in G-Cloud 8 is an important achievement. Over the past four years, we have seen how the G-Cloud framework is being used increasingly by public sector organisations as a mainstream process for the procurement of their cloud-based services and technology. It’s particularly rewarding to see organisations across the wider public sector participating in G-Cloud and enjoying the benefits of cloud technology, as well as the benefits of a streamlined procurement process.”

The Government has stated its intentions to further develop the ease and effectiveness of the G-Cloud process with the release of G-Cloud 9. Already, first indications of these enhancements have surfaced from recent workshop and discovery projects organised in conjunction with CESG, the government’s technical authority for assurance.

Rafael Cortes comments: “First signs suggest that G-Cloud 9 intends to streamline the terms and conditions involved in transactions whilst extending its input, end-to-end, from purchase to payment. This is good news. Anything that simplifies the process will be welcomed. We look forward to seeing the details of G Cloud 9.”

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