Latest RTC conferencing, recording, deployment and fallback routing features available in the forge by Xura platform

PRESS RELEASE: Xura announced the latest advanced features for its forge RTC platform. These include enhanced conferencing functionality, for easier usage and management of video and audio calls, as well as more flexible recording features and the ability for on-premise deployment and fallback routing, meaning users can keep all decrypted and stored media under their own control, and have more power over what happens to messages or calls which can’t be delivered.

All accessible now via the forge platform at via a self-service portal, enterprises and developers can effortlessly integrate any forge feature, such as SMS, IP messaging, push notifications, video and voice chat, as well as intelligent routing, rich media file transfer, recording and presence, into their mobile apps and websites to create better communication experiences with their customers. The most recent unique features available on forge now include:

  • Hybrid deployment options
  • Flexible recording
  • Easy to use audio and video conferencing
  • Advanced routing control

With hybrid deployment users of the forge RTC platform can now keep all decrypted and stored media under their own control, directly addressing any privacy, regulatory, and security concerns users may have today with cloud-based real-time communications. This also means that with the updated forge recording appliance (when installed on-premise) users can control the post-processing of recordings before final storage and can easily playback and use the recordings that they have produced. Also, now with fallback routing in forge, users have total flexibility in terms of what happens to messages and calls that cannot be immediately delivered to a forge destination, giving greater control over when messages and calls should be discarded, held until the destination is available, or delivered through another mechanism. Lastly, enhancements to the forge conferencing features make audio and video conferences much easier to manage and use.

JF Sullivan, EVP Enterprise & CMO at Xura, stated: “The forge platform was built to give any enterprise or developer the power to inject smarter communications into any mobile application (iOS and Android) or website. With the broadest and most flexible feature set on the market, anyone using the forge platform can easily create at the touch of a button, click-to-communicate and contextual communications within their app to drive a new era of customer experience and relationships. Users in the forge ecosystem can bring state of the art interaction capabilities, such as those announced today for conferencing, recording, deployment and delivery, into any enterprise or consumer app, from financial services, healthcare, retail and entertainment to gaming and more, without having to spend time on complex developments and supporting multiple platforms.”

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