transcosmos to Launch Messaging app/ Bot Customer Communication Services With a Special Team of Over 100 AI Strategists

PRESS RELEASE: transcosmos inc. announced that it will implement bot-based service for its customer communication services via messenger apps including LINE and Facebook Messenger. transcosmos releases the service from this autumn for “FUJIMAKI hyakkaten”, an e-commerce website operated by caramo, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.

The new service links “”, a platform for building bots, developed by Reply, Inc., with messenger apps such as LINE and Facebook Messenger, and automates conversation with customers while enabling the human operators to take over the conversation at any time when needed. With the automated service, the client companies can support their customers without any waiting time while reducing the labor costs. also enables the users to enter free text messages.

The company plans to integrate Japanese NLP engine to respond to customer inquiries and to provide information in more natural Japanese (from after September). It also plans to implement a mechanism which enables existing customers to easily subscribe their favorite items (by March next year).

For bot designing and tuning, transcosmos taps into its expertise in “FAQ Consulting Service”, a service the company has been offering for over 15 years. transcosmos’s FAQ consulting service with a team of 100 seasoned AI strategists offers one-stop service, ranging from extracting the appropriate responses and explanations that meet the customers’ expectation, developing FAQ to designing and building bots, with fully understanding the current status of FAQ page based on the contents cover ratio. The dedicated facilitators, who are well-versed in social media operations, provide communication services that exceed the customers’ expectation after taking over the conversation from bot.

Bot is considered to have huge potential to become a powerful supporting tool in e-commerce. transcosmos endeavors to gain experience and technical skills through operating chat-bot for FUJIMAKI hyakkaten, and ultimately to apply the learned know-how to other services for its client companies.

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