eg software release continues the back office revolution

PRESS RELEASE: eg has announced the latest release of eg work manager®, including innovative new functionality and enhancements certain to keep the company ahead of its competitors in the rapidly evolving sector.

The strategic workforce management suite for back offices, first launched in 1988¬ to address major operational issues faced by companies around the globe, has been enhanced by the pioneer of the back office workforce optimisation software market to include functionality that secures the company’s reputation as a market leader.

Planning and forecasting, real-time work management, reporting and analytics have always been at the forefront of the software’s proposition. The latest release of the suite – version 8.1.0 – includes brand new and enhanced functionality, such as employee engagement through gamification, further support for workers and management on the move and simplified scheduling and work allocation capabilities, to ensure the product’s proposition goes even further.

CEO of eg solutions, Elizabeth Gooch, stated: “eg work manager® is the most comprehensive purpose built workforce management suite for back offices that addresses complex transactional processing in a multi-channel environment.

“The new functionality we have introduced within this latest release address a number of business problems that our clients have been looking for us to solve, as well as addressing the changing face of work. Features such as the gamification functionality have been introduced to tackle some of the key challenges as millennials enter the workplace,” she added.

New capabilities in the latest release of work manager® also include enhanced visibility of SLA targets and progress, the ability to input and assign allocation filters to members of staff within a team by skill, seniority and case importance/status and the ability to attach supporting documentation, images and video files to a case which can then be synced, uploaded and accessed via the company’s mobile app, eg mobile™.

Elizabeth concluded: “eg work manager® is the work management tool of choice for businesses that operate back offices; including many in financial services, telecoms and utilities sectors.

“This latest version, and the enhancements within it, have been developed with the end user in mind; addressing not only issues pertinent to the operation of the business itself, such as processes and rules, but also the changing profile of today’s workforce and the enterprise of tomorrow.”

eg work manager® version 8.1.0 is the only version of eg work manager® to enable the simultaneous use of eg mobile™.

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