Creative Virtual Introduces V-Person Live Chat™ for a Fully Integrated Customer Support Experience

PRESS RELEASE: Creative Virtual has announced the official launch of V-Person Live Chat. This newest addition to Creative Virtual’s suite of Smart Help solutions empowers organisations to deliver a fully integrated customer support experience by combining self-service virtual agents and human-assisted live chat.

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“Live chat is a popular option for online customer service, and we have many years of experience integrating our V-Person virtual agent technology with other live chat systems,” said Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. “That experience inspired us to develop our own live chat product because we saw a huge opportunity for organisations to benefit from a deeper blending of the two technologies. V-Person Live Chat is defining industry best practice through the tight integration of a single knowledgebase, unique feedback loop and customisable workflow provided by Creative Virtual’s customer engagement platform.”

Creative Virtual’s solution seamlessly escalates customers from virtual agent to real agent with a complete history of their conversation being passed to the live chat agent. As customers continue to ask questions, V-Person Live Chat automatically presents live agents with the response found in the virtual agent knowledgebase. Agents then have options to reply with the answer as it appears, send an edited version or type in their own response. The customisable console also gives them options to provide real-time feedback and suggestions on content.

V-Person Live Chat is backed by V-Portal™, Creative Virtual’s innovative knowledge management, workflow management and business intelligence reporting platform. When live chat agents submit feedback on content, a change request is automatically created in V-Portal as part of the workflow so suggestions can be reviewed and updates easily deployed across all contact channels. Live chat agents can help keep content accurate and consistent for both virtual and live agents just by doing their normal jobs.

V-Person Live Chat also integrates with social media platforms such as Twitter, support communities and discussion forums to provide a central console for all live agent interactions. Options are available for the solution to be hosted on-premise or in the cloud, and to be deployed as a fully managed service or managed in-house.