WPS Selects NICE Workforce Optimization Solution to Enhance Business Processes and Performance

PRESS RELEASE: NICE announced that WPS Health Solutions has adopted NICE’s Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution to support its high-performing organization. NICE WFO is being used to boost business processes across the organization and drive superior employee performance, helping WPS improve quality, productivity, and efficiency.

Contact Centre CLUB

WPS is using NICE WFO in its contact centers and production areas to:

  • Provide a coaching tool for supervisors and employees to collaboratively design training plans;
  • Provide detailed inventory counts, forecasts, and schedules based on staffing needs;
  • Analyze actions and processes to help identify training needs and improve systems.

NICE WFO offers enhanced data analysis, which helps WPS identify and eliminate operational inefficiencies. A dedicated on-site WFO team ensures the cohesive use of NICE across departments while supporting the organization’s overall strategic plan. All applications and databases are housed within NICE Engage, creating one uniform system for accessing and reviewing performance data.

“We chose NICE WFO to empower employees and supervisors to drive additional performance improvements,” said WPS Chief Operating Officer Jay Martinson. “The solution lets employees keep track of their achievements. They have full access to personal performance metrics, giving them information to improve their skillset through self-directed learning. For supervisors, WFO empowers them to work smarter. They use the tool to recognize employees for their efforts and analyze successful practices to help all employees.”

Tom Dziersk, President, NICE Americas, said: “Having an engaged and informed workforce makes all the difference in customer service. NICE WFO offers a new, adaptive approach to training, coaching, mentoring, and scheduling, which focuses on personalizing contact center processes at the individual employee level. This leads to improved productivity and satisfaction, and creates a results-driven workforce that is focused on driving perfect experiences for its customers.”