Ford Teams Up with Astute Solutions to Deliver Superior Customer Experience in Europe

PRESS RELEASE: Astute Solutions announced their selection by Ford to implement Astute Knowledge across 21 European countries, supporting 18 different languages. Included in the solution are Astute’s artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) and patented natural language processing capabilities.

The solution is designed to produce accurate, relevant answers to a wide variety of questions, delivering an enhanced service experience to Ford dealers, agents, and consumers. Ford will use Astute’s AI technology to provide human-level interaction far beyond the reaches of standard search.

Ford customers will be able to engage in two-way conversation with a “virtual agent” on any channel they choose, including Ford’s website, social media, or mobile app. This virtual agent will be able to analyze what the customer is saying and apply deep learning to pull the best answer from multiple data sources, even sources originally written in a different language. The use of smarter technologies to improve every customer interaction represents a fundamental shift for the customer experience.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ford to drive a consistently outstanding customer experience across Europe,” says Richard Jones, SVP Global Sales for Astute Solutions. “We see this project as the leading edge of customer engagement – it’s about giving customers choice.” Ford’s customers, contact center agents, and large dealer network will all use the same platform, ensuring a consistent brand experience whether customers choose to self-serve or engage in a live interaction.