Insulation manufacturer Steinbacher uses fabric architecture of Avaya

PRESS RELEASE: The fabric architecture of the new solution not only ensures a better performance of the network, but it also allows the extension and integration of new divisions at any time.

Steinbacher needed a completely new network topology, which was easy to manage and configure, while maintaining the corresponding power capacity and reliability features.

Steinbacher Insulation GmbH not only offers a comprehensive insulation program, but also places emphasis on sustainability and high environmental standards. The Tyrolean company with offices in Austria, Poland and Germany employs around 370 people. With a powerful solution from Avaya, the company headquartered in Erpfendorf has replaced its somewhat outdated IT infrastructure.

The fabric architecture of the new solution not only ensures a better performance of the network, but it also allows the manufacturer of insulation materials to seamlessly extend and integrate new divisions at any time. The company will also benefit from high safety standards and maximum reliability.

As with products and production methods, Steinbacher has claimed to be far ahead also in IT. The existing IT structure was grown with and has been continuously adapted to changes in the core eventually it was clearly behind the current state of technology. The company needed an entirely new network topology, which is as easy to manage and configure – and, of course, one that could provide the appropriate power capacity and reliability.

The solution brought by Avaya and its intelligent fabric structure and are perfectly suited the needs of Steinbacher. Whereas previously, the company had a classic Spanning Tree architecture, after the conversion of the fabric solution, the network designs could be adapted to local optimal conditions, while also making the most of the existing wiring switches. Avaya provided two powerful Virtual-Services Platforms 8400 Series to meet Steinbacher’s requirements which are connected via a 40-gigabit line and now serve as the core network.

Under the new fabric architecture, a total of 15 Virtual Services Platforms VSP4850 series, connected via 10 gigabit fiber links that provide access switches for the integration of the various business units sit on each node a virtual services platform from Avaya. For a complete networking to Shortest Path Bridging standard (SPB) is given. So Steinbacher can of each node from other locations or divisions include. The Administration accepts the Communication and Orchestration Manager (COM) of Avaya.

This new fabric architecture opens up new opportunities for Steinbacher, allowing the company to solve problems in areas such as telephone or video conferencing networks thanks to its 4.0 production machines. “We have only had positive experiences since integrating the new network. The operations are running smoothly, and administrative tasks are seamless and straightforward. Our expectations have been met” says Stefan Lapper, IT project manager, Steinbacher Insulation GmbH.