eCommerce Retailer Migrates 1,000 Contact Center Agents to the inContact Customer Interaction Cloud

PRESS RELEASE: inContact announced a growing eCommerce retailer is migrating 1,000 contact center agents to the inContact Customer Interaction Cloud. The company is comprised of 15 different brands which heightens the need to consolidate several disparate systems and explore alternative ways to reduce costs. The transition to inContact allows the company to meet their fluctuating seasonal needs with scalable cloud solutions and broaden their operational visibility through effective reporting.

The company is moving to the inContact Customer Interaction Cloud to centralize their systems for better efficiency, improved routing, reporting, analytics and to gain a holistic view of the enterprise. During peak seasons, the customer leverages Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) to support its seasonal increases in customer service traffic volume. This incorporation of multiple BPOs placed considerable strain on their expensive and inflexible on-premises system. inContact’s cloud contact center offers a unified platform which enables the company to provide a seamless customer experience for consumers between several brands.

“eCommerce and internet retail companies have many unique variables that can impact the success and bottom line of their business. Cloud solutions allow companies to reduce costs during seasonal spikes by only paying for what you use,” said Paul Jarman, CEO at inContact. “The agility of the cloud also ensures a cadence of frequent innovation which helps to improve human capital costs while, most importantly, providing a consistently excellent customer experience.”

Advanced skills-based routing and self-service options through inContact’s Automatic Call Distributor and Interactive Voice Response, optimizes customer interaction handling and ensures the customer is connected with the most-skilled agent for their individual need. Additionally, inContact inView™ Customer Dashboards consolidate reporting from all BPO locations and provides a comprehensive view of their entire customer service operation. This key business intelligence is crucial to increasing revenues by understanding customer buying behaviors and improving agents’ cross-selling opportunities across brands.