Genesys Announces Latest Customer Experience Solutions for G-Cloud 8

PRESS RELEASE: Genesys announced the addition of new features to the UK Government’s latest G-Cloud framework, G-Cloud 8, following the company’s initial participation last year.

Contact Centre CLUB

G-Cloud is the framework for the government’s pre-approved list of suppliers offering cloud and digital services via an online portal, with G-Cloud 8 representing the latest version. Participation by Genesys means that local councils and government departments are able to procure its wide range of customer experience solutions all from one secure online marketplace.

This year’s additions include:

Genesys Outbound Engagement, which allows the delivery of multi-channel outbound campaigns to generate new revenue, decrease inbound call volume and increase customer loyalty.

Genesys Professional Services, which offers customer assistance in the acceleration of successful planning, implementation and optimisation of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.

“We’re proud to offer these new services to our public sector customers through the Government’s latest G-Cloud framework, G-Cloud 8,” said Kashaf Chaudhry, Director, Strategic Accounts at Genesys.

Mark Turner, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Field Operations at Genesys said “We’re passionate about delivering the next-generation of customer experience to our customers—and with these latest additions, we’re continuing to extend our transformative customer experience platform to local UK governments and councils.”

The entire list of Genesys solutions is available to view on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace.