Zappix Visual IVR Adds Flexible Drag and Drop API Support for Integration with CRM and BackOffice Systems

PRESS RELEASE: Zappix announced that it its mobile software platform now provides new robust tools for API integration into any back-office system, using a drag and drop interface. When adding API calls into the user experience, the new system provides companies with enhanced tools that enable a superior user experience without writing code that allows for integration with CRM systems, order and account management systems, billing systems and more.

The new capability allows companies to dynamically and easily integrate data from API calls, such as CRM and order data with information relevant to the call, without writing a single line of code. This new capability delivers users with a superior Visual IVR experience. Results from the API calls can be displayed in forms and influence the decision tree in the visual IVR. For example, it is possible to show a caller an updated account status on their smartphone as part of the Visual IVR call in real time.

“Recent studies show that voice is still among the preferred ways for customers to reach customer service in the contact center. Given this user behavior, the ability to add API calls to display information enhances the voice user experience with a data overlay and provides customers with the information they are seeking on their smartphone display. This capability improves the customer experience and reduces contact center costs,” says Gal Steinberg, Zappix’s VP Marketing. “We built our mobile IVR platform to provide companies with multiple communications paths and, with our new flexible APIs capabilities, we can generate an enhanced user experience; Providing data directly from companies’ back-office systems and displaying it on the caller’s Smartphone during a customer service call has never been easier.regardless of the channel the user has selected. Providing customers access to both live voice and non-voice self service channels increases satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS).”

The easy-to-use Zappix smartphone Visual-IVR platform, with its Omni Channel user experience, places capability and convenience at the customer’s fingertips. The ability to quickly explore different contact center customer service communication channels and retrieve answers immediately, dramatically enhances the user experience. Zappix’s customer service platform has proved to improve customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS), while reducing direct and indirect call center costs.

As an exceptionally flexible Visual IVR app, Zappix integrates voice and non-voice visual content with customer service channels that include phone (voice), web, live chat, mobile online forms, and multi-media (audio or video) self-help resources. Companies using this platform can realize significant reductions in app development costs while giving service-seeking customers exactly what they want and need– better agent interactions driven by automation, self-service, around-the-clock accessibility and enhanced mobile/web convenience.