IT Service Provider Avoyant increases customer assurance levels with IR Prognosis for UC

PRESS RELEASE: IR announced that next generation IT service management provider Avoyant has chosen IR Prognosis for Unified Communications and IR Testing Solutions to proactively monitor and manage their customers’ unified communications solutions and help reduce the number and severity of availability incidents by 30 percent year on year.

Contact Centre CLUB

Avoyant’s service to their customers is driven by a corporate culture of proactive experience management, innovation and continuous improvement. This unique culture sets Avoyant apart from other service providers, by ensuring that Avoyant is one step ahead of potential issues that ever-changing UC systems can present. Avoyant’s deep commitment to proactive experience management allows them to go beyond simply reacting to issues as they appear, but to actually prevent those issues from developing in the first place.

Therefore Avoyant needed a solution that would allow their 24/7-service center to identify key performance issues before they impacted service availability. In order to achieve this, Avoyant looked to Prognosis because it gave them the ability to identify performance, trends, anomalies and behaviors in real-time so they can implement changes before a problem occurs. The benefit to the customer is that by reducing availability issues, they reduce impact to their business, improve customer satisfaction and reduce operations and maintenance cost.

Avoyant is also running IR Testing Solutions, including Prognosis StressTest to deliver comprehensive performance verification of production systems and environments. By testing IVR and contact center systems from the outside in, Avoyant can see the customer perspective of system performance under real-world conditions. This further ensures that any issues are identified even before the switch is flipped on a communications solution.

“Other service providers talk about how efficiently they respond to availability incidents, but once the availability incident has occurred the business impact is material,” said Darwin Herdman, President at Avoyant. “With Prognosis in our arsenal, Avoyant is able to challenge traditional service delivery models and mitigate persistent threats to service availability. The real-time situational awareness and intelligence of Prognosis allows us to identify events of interest and proactively remediate issues before they impact business critical unified communications services. We now have a proven and demonstrated ability to reduce the number and severity of unified communications availability incidents by 30% year on year; effectively driving service value and customer satisfaction.”

“IR is committed to providing best of breed communications experience management solutions,” said Andre Cuenin, President, Americas and Europe at IR. “Our solution has powerful capabilities such as deep network visibility, service automation, and intelligent alerting, that allow Service Providers to deliver superior service and avoid outages. What’s more, Prognosis is certified across multiple vendors, including Microsoft, Cisco, and Avaya and is delivered without probes, resulting in a cost-effective, highly scalable and rapid deployment.”