SJS Solutions’ Visual Contact Center Solution Now Available with ShoreTel Connect Contact Center

PRESS RELEASE: SJS Solutions have successfully developed, tested and deployed their visual communications solution Optymyse on the ShoreTel Connect™ solution. Optymyse is an ‘information hub’ that connects every critical piece of information about a call or contact center to everyone, on any device. Operating within the ShoreTel TechConnect™ program, SJS worked closely with the ShoreTel team to ensure their contact center offering gives customers the tools needed to run a successful and efficient contact center.

Optymyse, already the visual communications product of choice for many of ShoreTel’s customers, is now available on ShoreTel Connect ONSITE and Connect CLOUD solutions.

“We want our customers to have best-in-class, value-added products,” said Matt Moore, director of client sales at ShoreTel. “Over the last 7 years, SJS have repeatedly proven their value, since their contact center visuals are stunning to look at, and the product is extremely intuitive. This gives our customers the tools to ensure the information they need to run their teams, spot bottlenecks and be ready to instantly make critical business decisions is displayed via engaging, high definition displays any call center manager can rely on.”

Employee engagement is an essential part of becoming a successful company, therefore any product which can make the transfer of knowledge, metrics and information more engaging and visual has to be a good thing for all concerned.

“Our relationship with ShoreTel goes back a long time and many ShoreTel customers reply on Optymyse to help them motivate and communicate with their agents. Whenever a new ShoreTel Contact Center product is announced we are keen to make sure inter-operability is quickly achieved. With Optymyse available in the cloud it makes perfect sense to offer it to Connect Cloud and Onsite customers.“ said SJS Solutions CEO, Stephen Pace.