FCP Technologies launches Web Voice Synchronisation in the UK Market

PRESS RELEASE: FCP Technologies, a leading provider of cloud telephony solutions, announced the public launch of Web Voice Synchronisation (WVS) with its Weblyrical product. Weblyrical is a unique contact centre technology that maximises call efficiency and value whilst revolutionising the customer experience. It converts a static website into a platform for collaboration and therefore enables contact centres to provide truly integrated and personalised customer experience.

Weblyrical and WVS provide a seamless integration between a customer’s online and contact centre experience. Change a simple telephone call into a synchronised engagement between your website, your customers and your business; increasing sales conversion and adding value to every step of the customer journey.

Realise the potential of knowing exactly what your customer has been looking at as they call you and harness the intelligence from the customer browsing history within the contact centre. Diverse variables such as predicted sales value, time spent on the website, what the user has typed, referral source, affiliates, keywords, landing page, current page, browser default language typed fields and even mouse movements can all be tracked and shared with the contact centre agents.

FCP has licensed Web Voice Synchronisation from LikeBillions Ltd., a pioneer in contact centre solutions. Sam Hodgetts, M.D. of FCP said: “We are excited about being introducing Web Voice Synchronisation to the UK market. Contact Centres are increasingly demanding the integration of web and voice technologies and now, for the first time we are enabling the CSR to have real time access to a customer’s digital behaviour.”

Said LikeBillions CEO, Ami Meoded: “We see the UK Contact Centre market as critical to our overseas growth strategy and FCP Technologies as a strong player that can support our market growth and platform development.”

About FCP

Founded in 2005, FCP Technologies specialises in true cloud based voice solutions. With established infrastructure, FCP provide market leading, enterprise level cloud solutions capable of delivering calls and voice services to destinations across the globe. They offer sophisticated cloud IVR solutions, cloud telephony services, managed services and consultancy in a number of specialist areas.

About LikeBillions

LikeBillions is the pioneer of a revolutionary new technology called Web Voice Synchronisation (WVS) that uses a simple phone call to synchronize between the browser of a website visitor and a company’s CSR. The technology converts a static website into a platform for collaboration for in-bound contact center callers.