Elitetele.com provide cloud-based unified communications for Aldermore Bank

PRESS RELEASE: Aldermore bank have become one of Europe’s leading alternative banks and technology has played a crucial role in the businesses growth and success. Elite have been working with Aldermore bank for over 5 years and we were recently featured in the European Business Review magazine which celebrated Aldermore’s customer centric technology strategy.


In 2011 Aldermore decided to review its telephony system. A number of vendors including Cisco, Mitel, Avaya were considered, but after a detailed tender process, due to its flexibility and functionality-rich capabilities, Aldermore selected software based unified communications platform Swyx, recommended by UC specialist Elite Tele.com.

A move to centralised communications

The transition to the new system, began with Elite creating a tailored design and architecture proposal that would suit Aldermore’s need to provide both robust and centralised communications for its staff, intermediaries and customers. The project began with a pilot for 30 staff at one of its sites and has since been rolled out to over 900 employees including 60 contact centre staff.

The system is hosted centrally across Aldermore’s own datacentres with built-in stand-by servers for business continuity. Elite is available 24/7 to help with any necessary support requests.

Cost-savings, enhanced service and security

As a result of installing Swyx, the Bank has been able to streamline its communications leading to reduced costs, more personalised services for customers and easier IT management. With built-in conferencing and call recording, Swyx provides additional functionality that saves significant monthly costs. Elite recommended combining Swyx with MCC (MyContactCentre) to support Aldermore’s contact centres with skills based routing, wallboards and detailed reporting.

Elite has also introduced other innovations that enable Aldermore to create highly personalised communications for customers. One example involves capturing cookies on the website that can gather information on their browsing history. In turn, interested customers are able to click on a number which is given a unique ID and the call is then automatically directed to the right advisor. In real-time Aldermore can then provide advice based on what products or services the customer has just been viewing on the site.

According to Aldermore, hosting Swyx centrally in its datacentres is much easier and cost-effective to manage its telephony and it can provide secure and resilient customer communications. Elite has delivered a full working and flexible system on time and on budget and continues to act as a strategic partner than can advise us on how communications can support the bank’s future growth.

Key benefits:

  • Resilient telephony for staff, intermediaries and customers
  • Enhanced service with personalised communications
  • Quick return on investment
  • Reduced costs including saving 5k per month on conference charges
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • Scalable telephony supports growth
  • Employees can access phone system at any location or device
  • Expensive ISDN lines replaced with robust SIP trunking

Read more about Aldermore’s business transformation in the August 2016 edition of European business review;