Lost Calls No More: Cyara Delivers Unique Call Recording and Analysis Technology

PRESS RELEASE: Reliable service call recording is no longer a matter of chance. Cyara now offers an alternative. With Cyara’s new Agent Call Recording product, businesses can now test for the existence and quality of a call’s recording in their database and are thereby able to more tightly manage the quality of customer service and adhere to cross-industry compliance standards.

Using Cyara’s comprehensive testing and reporting call recording solution, enterprises are empowered to better protect both their own and their customers’ interests.

Large and complex systems manage as many as 10,000 calls per hour — and are required to log these recordings so that they can be easily retrieved for later reference. Based on this volume and the increasing complexity of newly emerging customer touch points, companies are challenged to find recordings easily. They either discover that the recordings they need do not exist, or the ones they have are unusable due to poor audio quality. Each scenario could cost a large organization millions of dollars in regulatory penalties.

“Particularly for global financial services and insurance companies, the regulatory requirements for customer service call management are intense,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO of Cyara. “Cyara introduces the first fully integrated solution that both tests and provides detailed analytics on the quality of service calls. We’re solving a huge pain point in the industry.”

Cyara tested the new offering within the global financial services industry and today, makes Agent Call Recording available to customers and prospects.

In addition to securely monitoring and testing customer calls, Cyara’s technology is able to pinpoint and report on customer service roadblocks or issues while service calls are taking place. This will allow companies to understand any minor or major barriers impacting customer care.

Agent recordings can also be used to train agent pools, and improve and tune customer-facing service technology offerings.

Cyara tests the customer experience for many of the largest and most complex contact centers around the globe for companies with the most recognizable brands in the world. It does this by placing simulated phone calls, emails and chat interactions into a customer’s environment, where they appear to be “live” customer interactions. Agents are simulated as well and add to the breadth and depth of the testing process. By increasing the volume and/or complexity of these transactions, Cyara can test the performance of the customer’s environment under load conditions and can monitor to identify other issues that could negatively impact the customer experience.