Maintel’s integration of Azzurri takes shape

PRESS RELEASE: Maintel announces an important update to the integration of Azzurri Communications following the acquisition in May this year. As of today, the business will trade under the single brand of “Maintel” and will begin to operate as a single integrated business across all functions of sales, operations and finance. Also from today, Maintel will introduce an updated web presence, with all customers accessing a single Maintel customer portal.

Maintel’s CEO Eddie Buxton said, “The integration of Azzurri into Maintel has continued at pace and we’re pleased that everything is going to plan. We pride ourselves on providing agility to customers, and our own integration project has shown how agile we are as a business. I’m pleased that our staff, customers and partners can now access a single brand across all touchpoints, as we continue to make collaborating and communicating simple, flexible and secure for our customers.”

Rufus Grig, Maintel Group Strategy Director said: “As you can imagine, integrating two companies with their individual processes, systems, locations and teams has been a challenge, but one we’ve enjoyed tackling. This latest phase in the integration process will see our people aligned under the single Maintel brand, and from today our customers will be able to access an updated service portal too. It’s also worth noting that while we’ve been cracking on with the integration, we’ve also won significant contracts from right across the business and continued the growth of ICON, our cloud communications platform. It’s certainly an exciting time for us.”

Maintel recently announced Group revenues of £38.1m for the first half of 2016, an impressive increase of 54% from the same period in 2015 (£24.8m) underpinned by the strategic acquisition of Azzurri Communications, which contributed £15.4m to the revenue.