Teleopti releases a Schedule Gadget for Cisco Finesse™

PRESS RELEASE: Teleopti announced the release of an integrated schedule gadget for the Cisco Finesse Unified Desktop solution, used by agents and managers across the world. Cisco Finesse allows contact center agents to work on a wide variety of applications with an intuitive, clear and customizable “cockpit” view.

Cisco Finesse allows external applications to utilize desktop real-estate within this customizable view in the form of gadgets, and provides agents with information tailored for specific usage.

Teleopti Agent Schedule Messenger (ASM) is a light-weight, web-based application that allows an agent to view their current shift, with each separate activity clearly defined by color and time. The Teleopti ASM plays a vital role in empowering agents to know when to switch tasks or take their lunch break and ensures that, by maintaining optimized schedules across the organization, the customer experience goals are met.
It is widely recognized that when engaging staff to meet critical business goals, it is vital to provide them with current and accurate feedback in the form of a self-assessment scorecard. Within the Teleopti ASM gadget, such a scorecard displaying several KPIs is included, for example, calls answered, adherence, average handling time etc.

By integrating the Teleopti ASM with Cisco Finesse gadget interface, agents remain informed and empowered to meet the expectations set on them. By integrating into a unified desktop, agents are presented information seamlessly and can focus on the customer needs.

Tryg Forsikring A/S™ in Denmark have implemented the Teleopti ASM gadget. Their Development Manager, Stefan Wieland Laursen stated, “By using the Teleopti ASM integration within Cisco Finesse we have quickly and easily improved the ability of our agents to view information, allowing them to focus on helping our customers. Ensuring agents can easily view their schedules, helps us ensure that we have the right agents performing the right activities, at the right time of day”

Olle Düring, CEO of Teleopti stated “Cisco is a world leader in the supply of Contact Center Solutions and we are proud to utilize their forward thinking APIs to integrate Teleopti ASM within the Cisco Finesse Desktop. Agents and managers will benefit greatly from this solution, and we are sure it will play an important role in ensuring agents can deliver high quality customer care”.