Jacada Visual IVR Available on the Cisco dCloud Demonstration Platform

PRESS RELEASE: Jacada announces that its Visual IVR solution is now available for customer demonstrations using the Cisco® dCloud demonstration platform, available worldwide. The Cisco dCloud is a self-service demonstration environment that provides Customers and Partners a fully implemented and scripted Customer Care demonstration environment that is continually upgraded to be able to demonstrate the latest functionality and scenarios as new contact center product releases come out.

The Jacada Visual IVR solution has integration capabilities with both the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) and the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP), as well as with their Finesse agent desktop. Jacada’s solution also integrates with Cisco’s Context Service, their cloud-based omnichannel customer journey repository that logs interactions between businesses/organizations and their customers. This context information can be used to personally greet inbound contacts, route contacts to more appropriate queues, and also provide customer care agents with a history of the customer’s journey of interacting with and contacting your company. This empowers your agents with the information they need to personally address customer needs more efficiently and quickly.

Jacada Visual IVR is a “no-app needed” mobile solution that extends the standard voice IVR visually onto digital channels, enabling a personalized omnichannel customer experience. Visual IVR reduces inbound call volume and improves customer satisfaction by engaging customers on web or mobile channels before connecting them with an agent. This digital self-service experience enables customers to easily interact with Cisco’s CVP in a visual manner, either on web or mobile. The experience is enriched with features such as image capture, location services, and alphanumeric data entry. The gathering of this type of data not only improves the self-service experience and its effectiveness, but also provides greater context to the contact center if the customer chooses to speak with an agent. For customers who choose to speak with customer service representatives, Visual IVR provides a seamless and contextual connection from the self-service session to the assisted service session.

With a rich screen pop to the agent and through dual voice and digital collaboration; web links, documents, files, and forms can be shared in real time between agent and customer, enabling reduction of customer effort, improved self-service, and shortened call times. With native integration into the Cisco Context Service, agents see the entire customer journey, further improving the customer experience through efficient customer care services.

“As a Preferred Solution Partner within the Cisco® Solution Partner Program, it is important that our solutions are easily demonstrable by our associates, Cisco customers, and our partners anywhere they go,” states David Stallings, Jacada AVP Cisco Partnership. “Cisco has been central to many historic changes in technology and having Jacada Visual IVR available through their Marketplace and in the dCloud, speaks volumes for the credibility and sound innovation of Jacada’s solution.”