Callback Integration Improves Customer Value and ROI

PRESS RELEASE: A new report released by Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) confirms callback is key to boosting customer satisfaction. The survey was conducted by Tech Validate, an independent research organization. It found that 86 percent of companies surveyed using VHT callback saw improvements to customer loyalty tied to implementing callback.

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“Virtual Hold Technology has been an excellent product for our organization, from our customers’ perspective as well as the product performance,” stated an IT professional from a Fortune 500 transportation services company.

Along with increased loyalty, 84 percent of respondents reported a significant return on investment (ROI). Important contributors to ROI include ease of deployment, improvements to average speed of answer, and efficient use of agent time, which reduces costs associated with overstaffing.

“Technology that enhances loyalty and comes with explicit ROI is the cornerstone of long-term success. This survey confirms that callback isn’t potentially valuable – it’s become a foundation of a company’s brand experience,” said Wes Hayden, CEO of Virtual Hold Technology. “From the call center supervisor to chief experiential officer, employees focused on the customer can remove the friction from engaging with a brand simply by deploying callback technology.”

The survey noted additional benefits of using callback technology, such as:

  • Overall reduction to abandon rate.
  • Improved service levels during peak volumes.
  • Decreased average speed to answer.

VHT Callback™ is the leading callback solution that eliminates hold time in contact centers by offering customers a return call. It empowers agents with relevant customer information by providing contextual data before a connection is made. VHT Callback is available on premise or in the cloud allowing flexibility to any contact center.

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