Mitel Enables Seamless Smartphone and Business Phone Integration

Mitel® announced its latest advancement and integration capabilities for the collaborative enterprise. The 6900 series of enterprise-class business phones feature Bluetooth integration, wireless contact sync and WiFi* capabilities to enhance the communications experience. High-resolution color screens enable an interactive experience that gives every user an executive experience.

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With a wide range of exclusive accessories and three designs to choose from, customization and flexibility are at your fingertips. Customers are able to embrace seamless communications and collaboration across the organization, together with the HD-quality audio that enterprise customers expect from Mitel.

“The sleek, modern styling of the new phones delivers a user experience unlike any I have seen elsewhere,” said Neil Hyndman, CEO, Merbridge Networks Corporations. “Mitel also continues to drive mobile innovation for its customers. With seamless mobile integration, the new 6900 series turn the traditional business phone into a natural extension of a mobile device.”

“With mobility and mobile devices increasingly a part of the workday, our customers are looking for an integrated mobile-first experience, inside and outside of the workplace,” said Andy Arnold, Head of Products, Arrow Communications. “The mobile integration capabilities in Mitel’s latest phones are right on target to meet customer demand.”

“The market for business phones is increasingly being defined by customers looking for better mobile and desktop integration,” said Stephanie Watson, General Manager, MZA Consultants. “Physical desktop devices are clearly evolving to feature complementary functionality with mobile devices and Mitel’s new range of business phones nicely responds to and reflects this market dynamic.”

“Our 6900 series business phones were designed on the inside to drive increased business productivity and collaboration. On the outside, it provides the elegant aesthetic and intuitive user experience we now expect at our fingertips,” said Bob Agnes, EVP & President, Mitel Enterprise Division. “Simplified connectivity, avatar-based caller identification and easier directory integration all go towards making these phones essential for the modern worker.”

*Some features and functionality are specific to certain 6900 models, version of MiVoice Business and/or accessories.