Whitestar Chooses Altitude Software to Optimize Customer Experience

PRESS RELEASE: Altitude Software announced that Whitestar Asset Solutions, a leading independent loan servicing and advisory platform in Portugal, is implementing its solutions to optimize customer interactions within its integrated asset management solutions to investors and originators.

Whitestar Asset Solutions is the largest servicer operating in Portugal and the only “one stop shop” able to offer a complete and integrated asset management solution to investors and originators. Founded in 2007, it has about 500 employees in two locations (Lisbon and Oporto). Today, Whitestar is the largest secured default servicing and sub-performing loan platform operating in Portugal and the only independent loan servicer whose staff is experienced in managing a total solution which includes Performing, Sub-Performing and Non-Performing Loans, Property Management, and a STC (Portuguese Securitisation Vehicle).

“At Whitestar we have a proactive stance towards adopting industry best practices and implementing the most advanced servicer business strategies” states Mr. João Bugalho, Whitestar Asset Solutions CEO. “We seek to use the best technology solutions to address our business needs, increase productivity and profitability in our operations, while enforcing compliance and improving customer experience”

Whitestar’s business in Portugal has been growing steadily. This growth lead to a decision to select and implement a more advanced customer interaction management platform. The goal is to make asset management and loan servicing more efficient by optimizing contacts, automating tasks and integrating customer interaction information.

“As technology evolves, there is room to further automate and optimize customer interactions and to use business intelligence and operational information to make contacts more effective” states Raquel Serradilla, Executive Vice-President for Southern Europe at Altitude Software.” Our solutions have a track record of helping asset management companies become more efficient and effective in interaction management, while ensuring compliance with regulations and providing a better customer experience” .

Altitude solutions automate and manage the process of contacting customers, while delivering high productivity rates to asset management operations. Altitude solutions include inbound, outbound, blending, predictive dialing, email management, business campaign scripting and online monitoring. It allows workflow definition and different approaches according to the scoring and situation of each customer, maximizing productivity while maintaining a good customer relation.