LivePerson, Google open new AdWords click-to-message ad extensions to large enterprises

liveperson_logoLivePerson is the first company to launch a way for large brands to use the AdWords click-to-message ad extension. The ad extension, rolling out generally in the coming weeks, lets consumers message an advertiser via SMS, directly from a pay-per-click ad. LivePerson makes this work for large enterprises by routing these messages intelligently to the brand’s sales and service professionals on its LiveEngage platform.

LivePerson’s new enterprise support for click-to-message has been tested and is in use at a number of large companies, including a major automobile brand, a leading online lender, and a large telco. “LivePerson is the first company in the world to deliver an enterprise-level messaging platform, LiveEngage, and click-to-message ads are a great way for consumers to have an instant, interactive connection to a brand through SMS within this platform,” said Robert LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson.

He added, “We already power the messaging of many of the largest brands in the world, and we’ve been working with Google over the past few months with some key customers. We’re excited to add Google’s new format as another way for large brands to connect with consumers.”

Google’s release of this new ad extension underscores and accelerates the dramatic consumer shift towards mobile messaging as the preferred way people talk to brands – in the same way that they use messaging to talk to each other. Consumers seeing a sponsored search result can tap the messaging icon and immediately start a text message conversation with the advertiser, to make a purchase or get information – a much more modern take on the traditional sales 1-800 number.

LivePerson opens the new click-to-message ad extension to larger companies by adding three important dimensions. First, it tracks and distributes ad responses to teams that may be across geographies – essential for an ad campaign at a larger scale – and measures the results.

Second, LivePerson provides an optional, pay-for-performance team of people who can answer these SMS conversations and can handle many queries itself, or transfer them to in-house representatives where needed.

Third, LivePerson enables brands to manage message conversations from many media and communications channels in one solution and one workforce. This lets large advertisers scale without staffing pains, and has been shown to improve conversion rates when deployed.

Customers are reporting improved conversion rates from the ad extension, which can be attributed to the direct connection that messaging offers, rather than simply directing ad clicks to a website or 1-800 number.

An enterprise scale platform The backbone of this system is LiveEngage, the flagship software platform of LivePerson, which powers the sales and customer support of 18,000 businesses around the world, including some of the largest financial, telecoms, travel, and retail companies. This system routes messages between consumers and brands at an enormous scale, and in this case ensures that Google AdWords click-to-message threads are routed to the right people at the right time. LiveEngage also measures and analyses these exchanges to make sure processes are optimal and consumers are happy.

Pay-for-Performance The LivePerson Pay-for-Performance group is a team of on-demand specialists who can answer sales questions when brands don’t have an inside team, or when demand spikes and backup is needed. A LivePerson customer, a major auto brand, has been working with the Pay-for-Performance offering in conjunction with click-to-message, using Pay-for-Performance when dealers get spikes of visitors.

The team offers an effective way to manage inbound inquiries and keep a high level of customer engagement. Sales conversations from click-to-message ads are routed to this team and can be seamlessly transferred to dealers without any confusion or effort on the part of the end customer.