Medallia Acquires Digital Voice of Customer Leader Kampyle

Medallia announced that it has acquired Kampyle, Ltd., the best-of-breed software platform for capturing customer feedback on digital and mobile channels. Effective today, Medallia will offer a new product solution, Medallia Digital™, that combines Medallia’s powerful data analytics platform with Kampyle’s state-of-the-art web and mobile feedback capture capabilities.

The new solution, which brings together customer experience data from online, offline, and mobile channels, not only delivers a true omnichannel view of the customer experience but also enables companies to take action on the data in real time across all touchpoints.

“Companies need to be everywhere their customers are and, increasingly, customers are on digital. Customers want to engage with brands and provide feedback through digital channels,” said Borge Hald, CEO and co-founder of Medallia. “With Kampyle, we are significantly expanding our already rapidly growing footprint in digital.”

According to a recent Gartner survey, half of CEOs “expect to see substantial digital transformation in their industries, or for their industries to be almost unrecognizable within five years.”

Kampyle CEO Ori Soen said, “Digital customer experience is a market ripe for disruption—companies simply cannot thrive today without a complete omnichannel view of their customers. Combining forces with Medallia creates an unparalleled solution. Over the last year, we started winning joint customers with Medallia, and we’re only seeing the demand accelerate.”

Medallia Digital offers many flexible ways to capture customer feedback across web and mobile channels. It natively integrates into the Medallia enterprise platform, providing companies with a complete view of customers across their entire journey.

“Medallia’s solution is powerful because it’s truly omnichannel. It allows us to be anywhere that our customers are,” said Timm Degenhardt, Chief Consumer Officer of Sunrise, one of Switzerland’s largest telecommunications providers and a Medallia and Kampyle customer. “We have thousands of customers in our stores, on mobile, on our website, multiple times throughout the day. We need a constant single source of truth to understand them no matter how they are interacting with us. Medallia gives us that global view and the insight we need to improve the customer experience and, ultimately, our business.”

Medallia Digital, which natively integrates into the Medallia enterprise platform, is a best-in-class technology that enables companies to:

  • intelligently capture active and passive feedback on the digital experience, including through intercept and abandonment
  • surveys as well as feedback links across web, mobile and in-app channels.
  • segment and target customers in sophisticated ways through an easy-to-use interface
  • integrate with multiple external platforms to combine voice of the customer with key operational data and insights (e.g., CRM data, web analytics and heatmaps)
  • make updates in minutes with a slick self-serve setup

Medallia will offer Medallia Digital as both a stand-alone product and an integrated product. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.