Altitude and HigherGround Partner to Deliver Best-in-Class Recording Solution for Contact Centers

PRESS RELEASE: Altitude and HigherGround announced a new partnership. Through this alliance, Altitude has developed the Altitude Enterprise Recording solution, integrating the powerful features of HigherGround’s Calibre business improvement tool.

Altitude Enterprise Recording is a best-in-class multimedia recording tool that allows businesses to capture, store and analyze voice interactions together with the associated metadata and activity from agents’ workstation screens. This solution enables quality assurance, monitors and measures real-time KPI’s, provides visibility into interactions, and delivers customer experience insights, with a quick return on investment.

“Partnering with HigherGround has allowed us to deliver a state-of-the-art solution that helps companies ensure compliance and manage risk, while driving efficiency and excellence in customer engagement,” said Miguel Vital, CTO of Altitude. “The solution transforms captured and analyzed interactions into intelligence to enable better business decisions, improve agent performance, and optimize operations in the contact center.”

Altitude Enterprise Recording now features:

• Omnichannel: full integration with the Altitude uCI customer interaction management solution;
• Available with Altitude uCI or as a standalone solution;
• Voice and screen recording;
• Mobile workforce recording;
• Security and compliance tools;
• Real-time monitoring;
• Comprehensive reporting and business analytics;
• Agent evaluation on live and/or recorded calls;
• Automatically analyze 100% of recorded interactions with speech analytics;
• Automate customer satisfaction surveys;

“The integration of Calibre technology and features brings to the market a best-in-class recording tool integrated with the leading customer interaction management suite,” remarks Terry Ryan, President and CEO of HigherGround. “Altitude customers and prospects now have a solution suite that is highly effective in helping contact centers improve service quality and agent performance, aligned with business goals.”

The Altitude uCI (Unified Customer Interaction) suite is a complete, modular contact center software solution that provides all the functionality required to provide customers with the best experience. The modularity of the contact center software solution allows contact centers to grow according to business needs, avoiding significant upfront investments. Whether organizations use all the modules, just part of the solution, or employ 10 or 100 agents, Altitude uCI provides the ability to engage with customers and provide them with outstanding service.