Vodafone’s Award Winning Virtual Assistant ‘Hani’ Launched Powered By [24]7

[24]7 announced that Vodafone’s new virtual assistant “Hani” uses intelligent chat bot technology from [24]7 to better enable and enhance digital self-service amongst consumers. Hani recently received the “Best Digital Experience” award at the 3rd Annual Customer Experience Middle East Summit.

Powered by [24]7’s leading AI-powered Virtual Agent solution, Hani invites website visitors to type in their questions using every day, natural language. The solution uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand a consumer’s intent, and map that person’s question to the correct answer, regardless of how the question is phrased. Hani was launched in Qatar in June 2016 and currently answers over 80,000 questions per month with an accuracy rate of more than 90%.

Hani’s comprehensive knowledge base empowers consumers to self-serve for answers to commonly asked questions, without having to leave the web or start over in another channel should they require human assistance. Hani will soon leverage [24]7’s predictive capabilities to understand when a consumer’s query is best served by human assistance, such as in the case of a retention or upsell opportunity, and transition that consumer to a live chat agent. Live chat agents will benefit from a complete view of the consumer’s prior history with Hani, and can pick up a conversation where it last left off.

“Hani is a key component of our commitment to digitally-empower our customers,” said Asim Mirza, Customer Operations Director, Vodafone Qatar. “Our customers want information on their own terms, and by using [24]7’s intelligent chat bot technology to understand what our customers are looking to achieve, we can deliver the type of resolution that’s right for that individual. Now, anyone seeking support online can easily find what they need on their first attempt, either through automated assistance, human assistance or the magic of both.”

The benefits of Virtual Agent technology also extend to Vodafone’s contact centre staff, who use the tool as a comprehensive knowledge base for accurate, up-to-date information on Vodafone products and services. This has led to shorter on-boarding time and improved agent performance across Vodafone Qatar’s contact centres in India, Jordan and Qatar.

“Vodafone has a visionary approach for digital customer experience, combining the power of AI with the benefits of human touch in a truly meaningful way,” said Scott Horn, CMO, [24]7. “Hani is an engaging digital concierge that is already seeing impressive consumer uptake, and we look forward to working with Vodafone on its future efforts to deliver effortless customer experiences.”