Newegg Enhances Mobile Customer Experience With Moxie Self-Service And Live Chat

Moxie Software announced that the leading tech-focused e-retailer in the United States, Newegg, has deployed the Moxie solution to assist customers throughout their digital journey.

Using Moxie, companies like Newegg can offer a concierge-like experience to their customers, delivering the right information at the right time by uniting three digital communication channels: 1) self-service via contextual information presented at the right time (with no human resources required), 2) live chat and 3) email. The Moxie solution provides a user-friendly administration to iterate business rules and analytics that provide visibility into the performance of the digital engagement channels. Through Moxie, Newegg customers can now choose to self-serve 24/7 from any device or chat live with a Newegg representative.

“Moxie’s digital engagement technology enables us to provide relevant assistance to our loyal customers, especially those who prefer to self-serve,” said Sue Martin, VP of Customer Service at Newegg. “Through the Moxie self-service portal, our customers can be on their mobile device and easily find valuable product information on their own whenever they’d like. Additionally, when a customer requires live assistance, Moxie’s live chat allows that person to instantly connect with a Newegg representative.”

Nikhil Govindaraj, SVP, Moxie, said “Newegg is a great example of an online retailer using the Moxie solution to understand customer behavior, and use that information to guide customers via self-service and live chat throughout their digital journey. With Moxie, enterprises like Newegg are able to provide relevant self-service with options to live chat to meet the demand of today’s mobile multitaskers.”