alldayPA responds to rise in business mobile use with £250K app launch

PRESS RELEASE: alldayPA – the UK’s leading telephone answering service for SMEs and entrepreneurs – has enhanced its offering with the launch of an app, following extensive market research and client feedback. This latest development in its state-of-the-art telecoms technology tracks all incoming calls, provides up-to-the-minute data on clients’ costs and sends instant notifications of inbound messages.

A specialist in the outsourced telecommunications industry, Manchester–based alldayPA has invested £250,000 in the Virtual office portal and app.

Reuben Singh, chief executive officer at alldayPA, said: “The launch of our app signifies a shift in the requirements of our clients across varied sectors. “We’ve had a client portal for a number of years. Our updated version of this, the ‘Virtual Office’ portal, which allows clients to access their messages and control their accounts, has been available since June 2016, but with mobile internet use overtaking desktop for the first time this year, we identified the need for a mobile-friendly solution as well. The new Virtual Office app provides an even simpler platform, for those using mobile devices for business.”

The app launched on iOS in September 2016, and will be available to Android and other users later next year.

Reuben added: “Many of our clients turn to us because they are ‘on the go’ and therefore unable to take their calls, so understandably they also need to be able to use our services without having to login on their desktop.

“It’s predicted that 75 per cent of internet use will take place on mobile devices in 2017, and feedback from our existing clients supports this. Communication and customer services are areas we excel in, so we’ve listened to our clients and given them what they want. Investment in this technology is an essential part of our growth strategy.”

alldayPA has helped over 23,000 clients across a wide range of sectors, including legal, facilities management, veterinary services and property, with 150 million calls to date.