Unify Resolves to Help Businesses Stay Human, Engaged and Productive in the Digital World in 2017

PRESS RELEASE: As the year draws to a close and preparations for the New Year and new business opportunities begin, Unify, the Atos brand for communications software and services, today shared seven resolutions for 2017 to help organizations of all sizes realize the potential of their employees’ productivity and creativity in today’s increasingly mobile and virtual business environments.

Today’s digital workplace offers many opportunities to improve productivity, flexibility and results. At the same time, it is critical that organizations recognize how to effectively leverage collaboration tools to harness those benefits and maximize employee and customer engagement.

“In 2016, the shift towards a digital workplace changed the way that organizations engage with customers and among employees, putting pressure on IT departments to deliver the tools and information they need to be effective,” said Jon Pritchard, CEO of Unify. “As we look towards 2017, we at Unify feel that with these key resolutions, companies can unleash the productivity and engagement of their employees to drive better business results.”

Tap into the heart of the digital experience.

Communication and collaboration are a human experience. How people work (or don’t work if they’re engaged in a bit of online shopping) with the available tools makes all the difference. Resolve to increase focus on the human experience and ensure that users can access all media without awkwardly flipping between applications, encourage trust and personal rapport among team members, and ensure your technology tools are truly intuitive.

Simplify your infrastructure.

Prepping the perfect meal, finding an ideal gift, flight delays – the holidays are complicated enough and can cost you a bit of sanity. And when it comes to business, complexity costs money, time and energy. Remedy this and resolve to reduce complexity by assessing whether infrastructure can be consolidated and centralized, whether Public Cloud or Managed Services can lessen the IT burden, and take advantage of enterprise licensing opportunities

Take control of your digital future.

Resolve to adopt the best communication and collaboration tools for your business today. Software-based and cloud-based solutions can work with virtually any existing network, plug-in connectors can preserve and tie together existing systems, and hybrid premise and cloud models can enable an organization to adopt new tools without losing existing investments.

Leave barriers behind and collaborate.

Gathering together during the holidays is natural and this same spirit of togetherness is perfect inspiration for the New Year when it comes to uniting teams together to accomplish more. Whether it is within an organization’s campus, across locations or spanning geographies, bringing people together to communicate, collaborate and share information amplifies collective effort and dramatically improves business performance. Resolve to break down organizational silos and leverage collaboration technology to facilitate improved communication.

Partner with people you trust.

How can employees maximize their potential – and your bottom line – without a trusty tech partner by their side? Unify focuses exclusively on enabling enterprise collaboration by innovating and delivering the best communications solutions available. Resolve to find the technology partner you can trust and rely on, by ensuring they deliver against your business goals, offer in-depth, specialized expertise, and deliver innovation that drives a competitive edge.

Overcome fragmentation in your business.

Disparate and fragmented systems or applications create an increased support and training burden, and are more costly to manage and maintain. Resolve to think about ways to avoid the hidden costs of fragmentation, in support, lost productivity, and frustration, by streamlining infrastructure and processes.

Embrace digital transformation.

Digital transformation has changed everything about work today and it’s not going away anytime soon. With the change that the digital workplace brings, there are new opportunities to make your business more agile, responsive, efficient, happier and productive. Resolve to identify what digital transformation means to your organization and adopt the right tools to support it. This includes adopting a strategy to enable virtual teams, ‘anywhere working’, mobility and social collaboration. Understand how your enterprise’s broader Digital Transformation strategy will impact your employees and the teams they work within. And work with a trusted partner who can help you get from where you are today, to where your business ought to be tomorrow to survive and thrive.