CreditEase Boosts Customer Experiences with Verint Customer Engagement Optimization Solutions

PRESS RELEASE: Verint® announced that CreditEase—a leading FinTech company in China, specializing in small business and consumer lending as well as wealth management for high net worth and mass affluent investors—is leveraging Verint Speech Analytics™, along with Call Recording™ and Quality Management™, to support the transformation of its customer engagement platform.

Since implementing the Verint software solutions, CreditEase has experienced improvements in operational performance and reports an increase in the use of digital channels through omnichannel service strategies. The ability to assess larger data samples, focus on important interactions, gain customer intelligence and target coaching to employees also has helped the organization enhance service delivery and the customer experience.

CreditEase also reports that it has saved operating costs of 45 percent on an annual basis by reducing print and mailed financial statements as customers have migrated to the use of digital channels and self-service e-statements. Its quality assurance initiatives also have yielded benefits in terms of generating an additional 30 percent savings by helping personnel become even more effective in their roles. The organization’s customer satisfaction ratings also have increased, in part due to a sharp reduction (by 80 percent) in billing-related complaints.

According to Luey Fang, general manager of CreditEase’s customer services center, “Contact centers across the industry face common challenges when it comes to how to manage customer calls and generate valuable insights for decision-making. Our goal has been and continues to be on operational excellence and the delivery of great customer experiences. Therefore, we must have quality, accuracy and excellence at the center of all we do.”

Helping it achieve its operational, quality, service-level, compliance, customer satisfaction and digital objectives has been Verint Call Recording, Quality Management and Speech Analytics, which the organization deployed in late 2015.

“With Verint Speech Analytics we automatically monitor and analyze all phone calls to gain insights into risk and compliance. Previously, we could only screen a very small sample, representing three to five percent of all calls. Using Verint, we have greater access, greater analytics and greater visibility,” explains Fang. “These newly surfaced insights provide actionable intelligence for decision-making, from which agent training is introduced for compliance requirements and to mitigate risk. This is absolutely critical to helping ensure our long-term business growth, enforcing the important value Verint solutions bring.”

“As consumers constantly switch between devices when interacting with businesses, customer engagement has become more sophisticated than ever before. Nothing can tell you more about your business than analyzing your customer calls,” notes Issey Ende, Vice President, North Asia, Verint Systems.

“We’re pleased to see our recording and speech analytics solutions helping CreditEase leverage intelligence from interactions to drive greater value, heighten the customer experience and met regulatory objectives. We look forward to building on the momentum as contact centers continue to evolve with an increased focus on customer experiences and engagement.”