Office Depot Europe selects Thunderhead technology to connect customer conversations

PRESS RELEASE: Thunderhead announces that Office Depot Europe, a business supplies and services company, has selected the ONE Engagement Hub (ONE) to improve customer engagement by providing seamless experiences across each unique customer journey.

Office Depot Europe provides business supplies and services to help their customers work better, including the latest technology, core office supplies, print and document services, business services, facilities products, and furniture. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub, is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that surfaces unique customer insight and journey behaviour. It enables enterprises across all industry sectors to optimise marketing and customer retention strategies, and drive conversation-led engagement, building stronger and more valuable relationships with their customers.

Office Depot Europe has selected the ONE Engagement Hub platform to future proof its engagement strategy and get closer to its customers by helping them to better understand and meet the needs of each individual customer, regardless of where, when, and how they interact with the brand. Through its advanced listening and learning capabilities, the ONE Engagement Hub is able to connect online activity and campaign participation to the call centre agents, equipping them with real-time insights to help them better serve their customers.

In the first stage of deployment, ONE was able to help Office Depot Europe recognise – from many millions of interactions – a large number of customers that previously would have been anonymous, providing critical journey insights. Office Depot Europe was then able to analyse key problem areas, such as customer drop-off points, and gain better insight into customer intent. Based on the results of the first stage deployment, Office Depot Europe will put strategies in place to re-engage with customers, promote online self-service, and reduce customer service calls.

Jonathan Newman, VP eCommerce & Marketing Operations and CIO at Office Depot Europe, commented: “Thunderhead’s revolutionary ONE Engagement Hub has enabled us to make a quantum leap in our understanding of how customers are interacting with our business across every touchpoint. We believe that by connecting our customer conversations, and having a true journey perspective, we will see a rapid ROI and improve our understanding of our customers’ needs and the pain points on their journeys, and provide better insights into how we can serve them better.”

“Office Depot Europe is a retail trailblazer with its visionary customer engagement strategy,” said Glen Manchester, CEO and Founder at Thunderhead. “Engagement is the next frontier for CRM. With the ONE Engagement Hub we provide a light-touch cloud solution that helps businesses drive customer engagement and revenue growth through connected, on-going, and meaningful conversations with their customers, and we look forward to working with the team at Office Depot Europe on their long-term vision for customer engagement.”